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Winfield Public Library Policies and Regulations


 The mission of the Winfield Public Library is to provide equal and free access to information in a variety of formats to all individuals and groups in Winfield and surrounding communities.  It accepts as its basic objectives the provision and servicing of selected materials and Internet access which aid community residents to lead an enriched life through lifelong learning and participate knowledgeably and productively in a democratic society.  


Appropriate Behavior in the Library

  •  Library users are expected to observe other patrons rights and treat the library staff with courtesy and respect.                                     

·        Shirt and shoes are required.

·        No wet swimming suits are allowed.

·        Eating and drinking is allowed only in approved areas.

·        Use of obscene or abusive language is prohibited.

·        Endangering others' safety is prohibited.

·        Local, state or federal laws must be observed.

·        The library is to be used for participation in library activities, research, reading, studying, copying and/or writing.

·        Cell phones or walkie-talkies may be used only with permission of staff.

·        Violators will be warned and asked to change their specific behavior.  If the patron’s behavior does not change, the Library staff will expel the patron.  Further misbehavior may result in loss of library privileges for a specified time limit (to be decided by the Board of Trustees). 


Unattended Children Policy

In order to prevent unnecessary disruption of routine library activities and in order to provide for the general welfare of all persons using the library and to provide for the general safety of children using the Winfield Public Library, the following rules and regulations shall be made a policy.

  • All children age five years or younger shall, at all times, be attended and adequately supervised by a responsible person (an adult or a mature adolescent).
  •  Children between five and seven years in age may be left unattended for up to one half-hour in the library, except during scheduled library programs, at which time that person responsible for the supervision of said child or children may elect to be absent for the duration of the program.  If the person responsible for said child/children intends to leave the building while the child/children remains at the library, that person shall leave word at the desk as to their expected whereabouts.  However, persons responsible for children who have special problems related to physical or mental ability, disruptive behavior, emotional problems, lack of adequate attention span, incomplete social skills, etc. shall remain with their children at all times.
  •  Children from seven years and older may use the library unattended, subject to other rules and regulations proclaimed by the Winfield Public Library.
  •  The Winfield Public Library assumes no responsibility for children left unattended on library premises.  At closing time, police will be notified to escort unattended children from the library.



Internet Usage Policy

The Winfield Public Library has four (4) computers for public use. 

 A patron must observe the following regulations:

  •   Patrons under the age of 16 years need an Internet permission form signed by a parent or legal guardian before he/she is allowed to use the internet.  This form will be kept on file for 2 years and then will need to be reissued.
  •     Patrons are limited to 30 minutes of usage on the computer if others are    waiting
  •      They will need to check with the librarian for approval of extra time.   
  •      A patron must have a library card.      

 The library reserves the right to terminate computer access privileges of anyone who does not follow its policies and guidelines.  Unacceptable use includes, but is not limited to:

1.      Damaging or destroying equipment, software, or data belonging to the library or to other users, including adding, altering, or deleting files or configurations on the Library Internet workstation hard drives or other library computer equipment; violating network integrity; or using patron-supplied equipment on library equipment without prior permission from library staff.

 2.      Using the Internet for any illegal activity or for other activities such as harassment, distributions of unsolicited advertising, propagation of computer viruses; attempting to make unauthorized entry into other computers; or violating copyright laws.

 3.      Disrupting the use of the workstations by other patrons, or breaching the privacy of the other computer users.

 4.      Downloading information to the computer’s hard drive, or saving information to the computer’s hard drive. 

 5.      Using the library’s e-mail address to either send or receive messages.  You must have your own e-mail account through another provider. 

 6.      Downloading or purveying child pornography, purveying pornography to children, or committing fraudulent acts using the Internet. 

 7.      Patrons who are rude or disrespectful to the library staff.   

 8.      Submitting a request in writing to the Board of Trustees for reconsideration at the next board meeting may reinstate library patrons who have lost their computer privileges.

 Parents are strongly advised to monitor their child’s internet use.  The Winfield Public Library does not limit sites on the Internet and is not responsible for sites visited by patrons. 


Circulation Policies

 Winfield public Library materials are loaned as follows:


·        Books:  2 weeks

·        Audio books: 2 weeks

·        Magazines: 1 week

·        Children's magazines:  2 weeks

·        Compact Discs, Video cassettes, DVDs: 1 week

·        Genealogy/local History: in library use only

·        Reference: in library use only


  • Material can be checked out for one additional loan period if there are no holds by other patrons for that particular item.  Items may be renewed by telephone if they are not overdue.
  • When library materials are lost or damaged the person on whose library card the items were checked out is held responsible.  No fines are charged, but donations are accepted.
  •  Patrons with long overdue items are not allowed to take additional materials until their record is cleared.  Only the Board of Trustees can make exceptions to this policy.
  • When library patrons have materials overdue 60 days or more, and all other recourse has failed to result in the return of, or payment for this material, the matter will be turned over to a collection agency for action.  Further legal action may be pursued. 



Replacement of Lost Library Card: $3.00

  •  The Winfield Public Library participates in the Interlibrary loan system through SILO (State of Iowa Libraries Online).  Requests may be made to loan books through this system by title, author or subject. Upon receiving Interlibrary loan material, we follow the circulation policies for the lending library.  The library reserves the right to refuse interlibrary loan service to patrons who abuse this privilege.
  •  Before borrowing material from another library, the patron must have no overdue materials from Winfield Public Library.
  •  The Library accepts the responsibility for borrowing items and returning them promptly.  Access Plus and Open Access are part of Enrich Iowa.  This allows a local library patron to check out material from other libraries using their local library card. Books checked out from other Iowa libraries can be returned to this library.


 Expiration of Card

All Winfield Public Library borrower’s cards expire three years from the date issued.  Renewal of the card allows the library to verify name, physical address, mailing address and phone number(s).  The annual purge program will remove inactive borrower’s cards.  Inactive cards are defined as expired cards that have not been renewed or cards that have not been used in one year.  After one year cardholders with overdue materials will be put on inactive status until materials are returned or replaced.


Services:    Photocopies - Letter size: $.20 per copy; 

  •             Legal size: $.25
    Micro film Copy: $.25per page
  • Fax  charges -Sending:  $1.00 per page/1st page    Additional pages: $.25 each



  •  No fines are charged for late materials.  A donation can be made to the "conscience" jar.
  • The Board of Trustees and Library Director will determine charges for damaged items.
  • No charge will be made for sending or receiving Interlibrary loan or reference requests.
  • Material being faxed will be sent as promptly as library business allows.   

 Borrowing Privileges

        A library card is required in order to borrow any item from the Winfield Public Library.  Free cards are issued to residents of Winfield and surrounding areas.

·        Adults are issued a library card upon receipt of a completed application form.   Photo Identification or other proof of identification must also be shown. For the first 30 days after receiving a card only 1 item may be borrowed at a time. 

·        A child in sixth grade or under is issued a card with signed permission from a parent or legal guardian on an application form.

·        When prospective borrowers apply for the right to use the library, they accept certain responsibilities as library users.  They agree to abide by the rules of the library and to pay damages charged to them.  They also agree to take care of all materials borrowed and to give the library notice of any change of address and/or telephone number.

·        If materials are lost the patron will be charged current replacement costs for the material.  Once materials have been overdue for 1 month or more, the patron is no longer allowed to checkout anything until the material is paid for or returned. 

·        If the material is damaged the patron is charged for the cost of repair.  If the material is damaged beyond repair the patron will be charged current replacement costs.  Patrons will be notified in person or by mail of damaged materials.

·        Once a patron has materials overdue in the amount of $25.00 or more the library reserves the right to take legal action to have the material paid for and/or returned.


Confidentiality of Records


  • The Winfield Public Library Board of Trustees endorses the principle of confidentiality as it pertains to the library registration and circulation records, and to the protection of the privacy of the individual.
  •  The Iowa Code of Law, Chapter 22.7, specifies circumstances under which library records may, or may not, be released. “The following public records shall be kept confidential, unless otherwise ordered by a court, by the lawful custodian of the records, or by another person duly authorized to release such information.”   “The records of a library which, by themselves or when examined with other public records, would reveal the identity of the library patron checking out or requesting an item or information from the library.  The records shall be released to a criminal or juvenile justice agency only pursuant to an investigation of a particular person or organization suspected of committing a known crime.  The records shall be released only upon a judicial determination that a rational connection exists between the requested release of information and a legitimate end and that the need for information is cogent and compelling.”  The Winfield Public Library Board of Trustees supports this law and will not make the records of the Winfield Public Library available to anyone unless ordered to do so by a court of law.


 Collection Development Policy


Collection development includes the planning, selection and building of collections in all formats needed by the customers of the Winfield Public Library. 


·        The Winfield Public Library supports and follows the principles of the Library Bill of Rights marked Addendum #1, and shall provide a variety of materials representing a diversity of opinion.


·        The Library Director shall select materials for the collection development.  This will be at the Boards discretion for the probationary period.  (six months after hire date/evaluation)


·        Materials shall be selected on the basis of review from professional journals, need and demand.  Requests from patrons and staff are welcome and shall be considered.


  • Criteria for Adult materials


            Demand - Is the subject or author popular

            Current interests -  Does the material reflect current trends and  attention                                 

        Non-fiction and Reference

            Age of information - Is the material up to date?

            Appropriateness - Is the work presented at a level that can be    comprehended by intended user?


           Cost effectiveness - Is this material the most cost-effective method of delivering information to patrons?


  • Criteria for Children and Young Adults


     The Same guidelines apply that are used in selection of adult materials.  Materials shall be selected to aid young people in understanding and coping with their lives, as well as to entertain.  Reference materials shall be appropriate or the audience it is addressing.


  • Duplication of Materials

     Duplication of materials is indicated only when a variety of formats are desired, such as large print, books on tape and videos.  Duplication of popular authors shall be paperback.  Otherwise, for a library of this size, duplication is not desirable.

  •  Donations

     Materials that are donated to the Library must meet the same guidelines as those used in the selection process.  If not added to the collection, donated materials will be disposed of by the Library Director in the manner deemed most appropriate, such as designating the material for inclusion in the library book sale.  To ensure understanding of this policy, donors will be asked to fill out a Donation Waiver, Addendum #2


  • Memorial Books

     The Library is honored to receive monetary donations designed for the purchase of a memorial book.  All memorial books shall be clearly designated as memorials with a bookplate listing the person honored and the donor.   All memorial books must meet the general criteria of the collection development policy.  The donor may choose the book, or entrust the library to make a selection based on need.  Circulation procedures for memorial volume may request that it be returned to the donor if weeding becomes necessary.  If such request is not made, the memorial bookplate shall be removed and the book shall be disposed of according to library policy.


  • Challenged materials

     It is recognized that a patron may find a book or other material personally objectionable.  Patrons are welcome to bring their concerns regarding any specific title or item in the collection o the attention of the Library Director.

     If a formal challenge occurs, the Library Director shall provide to the patron a copy of Addendum #3, Patron’s Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials and ask that it be completed

     The Library Director shall refer to intellectual freedom documents, explaining the Library’s policy regarding censorship.

     The Library Director shall report any written complaint to the Board of Trustees at the next regular meeting.


  • Weeding

     Systematic removal of materials no longer useful and in compliance with the three percent (3%) weeding guidelines as stated in the state guidelines.  Weeding shall be done under the supervision of the Library Director following the guidelines of the manual and Board of Trustees.  No book or other item that is heavily soiled or damaged shall remain in circulation.  Weeded materials may be sold a book sale, given away or otherwise disposed of in any manner at the discretion of the Board of Trustees.

 Winfield Public Library Donor Waiver


Signature of Donor __________________________________


 Name of Donor (please print) __________________________

 Street Address ______________________________________

 City ____________________ State ____ Zip Code ________

 Number of Items _____           Donation Date __________

 Name for which Donation was made

___________________________________________Book plate to


 Receiving Staff Signature _____________________________



 The Library Bill of Rights

 The American Library Association affirms that all libraries are forums for information and ideas, and that the following basic policies should guide their services.

 Books and other library resources should be provided for the interest, information, and enlightenment of all people of the community the library serves.  Material should not be excluded because of the origin, background, or views of those contributing to their creation.

 Libraries should provide material and information presenting all points of view on current and historical issues.  Material should not be proscribed or removed because of partisan or doctrinal disapproval.

 Libraries should challenge censorship in the fulfillment of their responsibility to provide information and enlightenment.

 Libraries should cooperate with all persons and groups concerned with resisting abridgment of free expression and free access to ideas.

 A person’s right to use a library should not be denied and abridged because of origin, age, background, or views.

 Libraries, which make exhibit spaces and meeting rooms available to the public they serve, make such facilities available on an equitable basis, regardless of the benefits or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use.

 (Adopted June 18, 1948 Amended February 2, 1961 and January 23, 1980 Inclusion of “age” reaffirmed January 23, 1996 By the ALA Council)


 Winfield Public Library Request for Reconsideration of Material

 The Winfield Public Library Board of Trustees has authorized the use of this form by any patron who wishes to report his/her objections of material found in the Winfield Public Library.  This form should be completed by the person who has the objection, and returned to the Winfield Public Library Director.  The Board of Trustees will consider the request at its next meeting.  The Library Director will respond with in 30 days to the patron completing this request.

 Name ________________________________ Date ____________

 Address _______________________________________________

 Phone Number _____________________________

 Do you represent a group that is objecting to the material in question?  If so, what group are you filing this objection on behalf of?


Material Title ___________________________________________


 What brought this title to your attention? ______________________



 Please comment on the material that you are requesting to be reconsidered, being specific about those matters which concern you.  Use other side if needed.



 What other resources would you suggest to replace the material?










Policies Adopted: January 2005  (Revised:  November 2006)


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